ROI on your data

GIS software and GIS data has improved dramatically over the last few years. The overall market has become more competitive, and so has the quality of the software and data available.

Many GIS workflows can now be automated with good software and smarter data. You are now able to transfer polygons quickly and accurately from one land grid or tax parcel layer to another (including Texas), saving significant time and money. Customers are now able to produce more accurate land agreement polygon boundaries without the high cost of manually snapping them to the updated grid or parcel data. Migrating from one land base is now a simple and painless task. What once took months to complete can now take hours. 

A more competitive market has also marked the end of lease and rental contracts. The industry is now centered on perpetual licensing with optional maintenance contracts.

There is a much greater focus on return on investment. The hard costs of acquiring the data are being associated with the internal soft costs of managing and working with data. The quality and depth of data has become much more relevant.

Saving time and money

USLandGrid GIS data is different from what is supplied by other data vendors. We like to say that the data we provide is “smart data”. Years of development have gone into our intelligent data model, making USLandGrid GIS data easier to integrate and easier to manipulate within your existing software and systems.

In combination with this, our strategic partnership with LandWorks and their Spatial Alignment Tool has alleviated the historically intensive manual work of realigning existing internal polygons. Thanks to this new tool, making the switch to newer and deeper data has never been easier.

USLandGrid provides perpetual licenses, with maintenance optional. This means you never have to remove the data, which will reduce the potential for more cost and more pain in the future.

Making the switch at no cost

We understand that some customers are still in long term rental agreements. In order to alleviate that pain, we help customers make the transition by providing our data at no cost up until their rental agreements expire. This facilitates a smooth transition with no added costs, while reducing external hard costs and labor intensive soft costs.

We make managing data easier

USLandGrid data includes the latest in high resolution and full depth land grid, culture (roads, rivers, railroads, power lines, etc.), tax parcel data, and data streams (satellite imagery, topos, shaded relief, culture and geology).

Our data delivery is second to none, with all inclusive data types and formats. Whether for the desktop or the enterprise, our delivery and data model makes managing data easier.

USLandGrid strategic partnerships and shared knowledge makes migrations and workflows within enterprise GIS and Geoscience applications easy, while reducing the burden on manually intensive GIS work.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Anthony to find out how we can dramatically improve your bottom line while also increasing your GIS accuracy and efficiencies.

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