Ad Format Dimensions  Size Notes
Leaderboard 728 x 90px 100kb Required for all campaigns
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250px 80kb Required for all campaigns
Full 468 x 60px 60kb Required for all campaigns
Text Link N/A N/A Character limits (incl. spaces & punctuation) Heading: 25, Body: 70
Corner Peel 500 x 500px 100kb Required for all unique campaigns

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Additional Information

Flash requirements:

Site Serving or Site Hosted or Oil and Gas Space Ad Served refers to creative assets used in Standard Display ads, hosted and served by Oil and Gas Space on behalf of an advertiser who chooses not to utilise a 3rd party ad serving vendor.

All Flash files submitted should be accompanied with a backup image of the same dimensions, along with a click-through URL.

Oil and Gas Space accepts creative files published as Flash version 10.1 or below using Action Script 2 or Action Script 3. The maximum allowable frame rate is 21 frames per second, as higher frame rates have been shown to degrade browser performance due to excessive CPU usage. Creative executions that require multiple Flash files should be served through an approved 3rd party ad server.

Flashing / Blinking Restrictions

Creatives should not flash/blink more than three times in any one second to minimise risk to those who suffer from seizures and to minimise user distraction (ref: http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/REC-WCAG20-20081211/#seizure)

Note: The instructions below refer to site-served Flash creatives hosted by Oil and Gas Space. For instructions relating to 3rd party served creatives, please refer to your ad serving vendor’s support documentation.

For further assistance with creating flash enabled creatives, please visit this site:​

​Note: Your Flash files may be returned for revision if your implementation is incorrect or incompatible with Oil and Gas Space ad serving systems.

Creative Submissions

For more information and campaign bookings on Oil and Gas Space please contact us here.