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David Jones
David has spent many years covering oil and gas related news. He is an avid GIS user and producer, but his real passion is reporting the news. David has extensive experience with commercial and open-source GIS packages. He is also well versed in data offerings and specifications.
Shyla Liebscher
Shyla has 9 years’ experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with 7 years of that within the oil and gas industry. Shyla focuses on Regulatory Compliance and Integrity Management with extensive knowledge of onshore and offshore pipelines systems, and sustainable transportation systems. Shyla also has years of experience in ArcGIS, QGIS, business development, professional speaking, graphic design and technical writing. She is also a member of Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA).


Ben Ben Woo
Managing Director of Neuralytix, a leading global IT advisory, consulting and market research firm, Ben’s entire professional life has been spent in the IT industry. Prior to founding Neuralytix, Ben was a worldwide research leader at IDC, and was responsible for initiating and managing the industry’s first major worldwide research program on Big Data back in 2008. Previous to IDC, Ben was the managing editor for a major PC monthly magazine.


Anthony Ford