A Sneak Peak into Global Mapper v.18

Thursday marked the 29th meeting of the 7+ year Denver Petroleum User Group (DPUG). With this historic achievement of being the longest standing regional petroleum user group in the country, came a special presentation by Mike Childs of Global Mapper. Oil and Gas Space was there to find out all we could about what’s coming in Global Mapper v.18.

Global Mapper v.18 has a new, sexy, ribbon based interface. New buttons freshen everything for the viewers eye.  The much more modern ‘look and feel’ is more interactive and logical. Navigating through any particular workflow should be a lot easier, and a lot more intuitive. This new interface looks to be the biggest upgrade in Global Mapper v.18.

The 3D module within the software was showcased and is truly amazing. Mike also showed off some of the oil and gas focused areas of Global Mapper including pad placement, line of sight and watershed.

Mike also mentioned the continued commitment to scripting. Look for this powerful part of Global Mapper getting more focus over the next few versions.

We were also introduced to Global Mapper Mobile. Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful field data collection application. It looks to be a great complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper as the Mobile edition can display all of the supported vector, raster, and elevation data formats and offers a powerful and efficient data collection tool. It has an array of digitizing and self-drawing tools, manages attribute data, and allows simple and efficient data deployment and return. Global Mapper Mobile also uses self-contained map storage and display with no data connection required. More information on Global Mapper Mobile can be found here – https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/products/global-mapper-mobile.php.

Lindsey Hockert of Antero Resources provided the second talk at the meeting at the DPUG. Lindsey showed best route calculations based on road classifications, road hazards, and other factors using Esri’s Network Analyst extension. It was a compelling presentation which showed how oil and gas companies can easily supply functional information to workers in the field for use with calculated directions and work processes.

Many thanks must also go to the DPUG, the committee, and the users. It’s a group which values independence and quality content. The DPUG commitment to great talks promises more unbiased and unfiltered talks for the future.

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