National Land Grid – Version 10 Release

Land Grid Coverage

Introducing’s Revolutionary Version 10.0 National Land Grid, Delivering Unparalleled Land Mapping Detail and Coverage

USLandGrid proudly announces the release of version 10.0 of their national land grid, marking a major milestone in land mapping services. With unmatched detail and comprehensive coverage, this revolutionary update sets a new standard in the industry.

The national land grid includes critical elements such as sections, townships, lots, quarters, and quarter quarters. Additionally, the Texas land grid encompasses abstracts, sections, surveys, sub-surveys, lots, tracts, and subdivisions. Multiple formats and datums are available to cater to diverse mapping applications, offering data sliced and diced from the nation down to the county level.

Building on their commitment to quality, version 10.0 of the USLandGrid’s national land grid now includes quarter sections for South Dakota, achieving complete coverage for the Public Land Survey States. Furthermore, significant enhancements have been made to the lot coverage in the western portion of Oklahoma, ensuring accurate and detailed information.

In a groundbreaking move, the team at has meticulously addressed previously unsurveyed areas by adding new sections and making necessary corrections. Over 6,000 overlapping polygons have been resolved and cleansed in the western part of Texas, providing precise and reliable data.

Expanding their reach beyond land areas, USLandGrid now offers complete coverage for the Gulf of Mexico, the California coast, Alaska offshore areas, and the offshore areas on the East Coast. This comprehensive inclusion ensures users have access to a seamless and comprehensive land grid experience.

With the release of version 10.0 of their national land grid, continues to demonstrate their commitment to innovation, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. The company remains at the forefront of the land mapping services industry, delivering exceptional accuracy and detail to clients nationwide.

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