The Best Desktop GIS Software of 2016

Considerations A Geographic Information System (GIS) stores, manages, retrieves, displays, and analyzes spatial data. Desktop GIS software gives you the ability to produce maps from…


ArcGIS Server – Lessons Learned

I recently have had the experience of creating a GIS from the ground floor up and distributing and disseminating this information to various individuals inside…


IT and GIS – In the War Zone

In my career I have always worked in the GIS department; where that department sits within the company has varied from business to business. I…


XToolsPro vs ET GeoWizards

When it comes to general-purpose third party ArcGIS Desktop Extensions, two popular products stand out:  ET GeoWizards and XTools Pro. ET GeoWizards is an ArcGIS…


Exprodat Software Enhances Play Assessment

Exprodat, the oil and gas ArcGIS platform specialist, understands that exploration departments within oil and gas companies are under huge pressure to better understand opportunities and make better exploration decisions. The recently released version 222 of Exploration Analyst is a key tool for people tasked with these crucial activities.